Rubber Afternoon

2017-08-02 − Mistress Gummina, Rubber Latex Doll − 9:28 minutes
Rubber Afternoon 1
Rubber Afternoon 2
Rubber Afternoon 3
Rubber Afternoon 4

A tough afternoon for the rubber doll.Packed and helplessly in latex they will spend hours used and tortured.

Dirty Game

2017-07-12 − Mistress Gummina − 13:32 minutes
Dirty Game 1
Dirty Game 2
Dirty Game 3
Dirty Game 4

Mistress uses an old lady in a raincoat and pushes her a pissed diaper in her face.

Before that she had worn the diaper for a whole day.


Black Rubber Dress

2017-05-28 − Rubber Latex Doll − 9:31 minutes
Black Rubber Dress 1
Black Rubber Dress 2
Black Rubber Dress 3
Black Rubber Dress 4

Rubberdoll Gummina tied and gagged in a long black latex dress fights in vain for her freedom

Rubber Nurse and hard face sitting 1
Rubber Nurse and hard face sitting 2
Rubber Nurse and hard face sitting 3
Rubber Nurse and hard face sitting 4

Mistress bound her Rubber Doll in a clear latex bag and the victim must lick her nylon ass

Pink Bondage

2017-04-25 − Mistress Jeanette, Rubber Latex Doll − 8:12 minutes
Pink Bondage 1
Pink Bondage 2
Pink Bondage 3
Pink Bondage 4

Black rubber Mistress play with her rubber doll bound in pink latex.