Pink Bondage 1
Pink Bondage 2
Pink Bondage 3
Pink Bondage 4

Black rubber Mistress play with her rubber doll bound in pink latex.

Rubber Granny 1
Rubber Granny 2
Rubber Granny 3
Rubber Granny 4

Old perverted rubber grandma tied and gagged her latex doll into a red plastic raincoat and wank her to orgasm.

Mistress in Plastic 1
Mistress in Plastic 2
Mistress in Plastic 3
Mistress in Plastic 4

Plastic Mistress Jeanette with rubber mask tied her slave in a raincoat and then.......

Special Rubber Bondage 1
Special Rubber Bondage 2
Special Rubber Bondage 3
Special Rubber Bondage 4

The Mistress has an unusual idea, to make her rubber doll helpless.She puts her victim in a rubber fishing pants and gags her under the mask.The doll has to spend the whole day in this hopeless situation and is delivered to the bizarre fantasies of her Mistress.

Latex Doll bound in a rubber bag 1
Latex Doll bound in a rubber bag 2
Latex Doll bound in a rubber bag 3
Latex Doll bound in a rubber bag 4

Latex Mistress Jeanette put her latex doll in a black rubber bag and have fun.