Evil Rubber Baby

2017-02-01 Adult Baby Pamperina and Mistress Jeanette 8:45 minutes Caning
Evil Rubber Baby 1
Evil Rubber Baby 2
Evil Rubber Baby 3
Evil Rubber Baby 4

Rubber Doll in trouble again punished by Mistress Jeanette

Rubber Fun

2017-01-16 Mistress Jeanette and Rubber Latex Doll 5:01 minutes Mask Fetish
Rubber Fun 1
Rubber Fun 2
Rubber Fun 3
Rubber Fun 4

Rubber Mistress Jeanette make her latex doll exiting in bondage

Plastic Cocoon

2016-12-16 Rubber Latex Doll 6:21 minutes Bondage
Plastic Cocoon 1
Plastic Cocoon 2
Plastic Cocoon 3
Plastic Cocoon 4

Rubber Doll complete packed in plastic fighting for freedom.

Heavy Rubber

2016-12-02 Mistress Jeanette and Rubber Latex Doll 9:59 minutes Fetish, Bondage, Latex
Heavy Rubber 1
Heavy Rubber 2
Heavy Rubber 3
Heavy Rubber 4

Bizarre Rubber Dom put the sweet latex lady in very old heavy rubber and bound her on bed.